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Isolation Barriers for Facility Visitors - 2 Options

Single Screen 8'x7' (weighs 15 lbs) - $549 EA plus shipping

3 Sided Enclosure 8'x5'x7' (weighs 40 lbs) - $1,049 EA plus shipping

Clear PVC screen, moisture and scratch resistant

Clean with sponge and mild detergent

add sandbags for extra stability

Stock Status: direct ship from Mfgr in 2-3 weeks

Minimum Order: 1 piece


Resuable Isolation Gown with Cuffs - $8.25 EA

Microfiber with fluid resistant finish (latex free)

Quick dry cuffs

Stain repellent properties

Wrap around tie

Level 2 certified fabric

Life expectancy - approx. 70 washes

One size fits most

Back Length 45"

Full Sweep 63"

Sleeve 23" 

Stock Status: 300 pieces in Omaha warehouse  

Minimum Order 1 Dozen


​​Disposable Isolation Gown w/Thumb Loops - $210.00 per Case

Over the head with open back

Thumb loops simplify donning gloves

.95 mil medium weight polyethylene - Level 2 Certified

Product is NOT made with natural rubber latex

** AATCC 42 Water Resistance: Spray Impact Penetration Test

** AATCC 127 Water Resistance: Hydrostatic Pressure Test

One size or XL version available

One Size - Back Length 44", Sleeve 25"

XL - Back Length 48", Sleeve 27"

Stock Status: Ships direct from Mfgr, arrives in 3-5 days

Minimum Order: 1 Case (100 pieces)

FREE Shipping when you purchase 3 or more cases


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